Mostafavi Exports


Saffron is a food spice obtained from the flower stigmas of Crocus Sativus L., a member of the Iridaceae family. It plays an important role in the culture of different regions of the world, such as Iran. Saffron has a long history about use as a spice and for its wonderful color, odor and test. During the recent years public interest towards using natural additives instead of synthetic chemicals has led to a breakthrough in using saffron as a natural flavoring in food industries. It has multipurpose use in dye industry. use it for coloring their robes, ceremonial painting skins. hand painting Kimonos. In ourrecent years saffron has gained importance in our cosmetic and perfume industry.

So we decided to to photographed all kind of saffron in a clean white background in a small glass dish, with an small piece of any kind, to show the real difference between , it should be easier for the customer to choose!